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Air Supported and Frame Supported Fabric Structures E-mail
Big Span Structures is the leading provider of air supported and frame supported fabric structures for the enclosure of commercial, industrial and recreational facilities. Normal  For over 25 years, our one-of-a-kind team has proudly designed, architected and engineered air domes into sports arenas, amphitheaters, waste management facilities, exhibition domes, storage buildings, mobile and utility structures, aircraft hangers, space frame systems, custom canopies and industrial process enclosures.

Equipped with the latest technologies, our experienced contractors combine innovative custom design with state-of-the art engineering to build coverall buildings that are cost-effective, long lasting and easy to maintain. All of our tensioned membrane structures use only the highest quality structural grade fabric claddings, galvanized steel trusses, and always meet or exceed industry standards, including ASI, NFPA 701, UBC, BOCA and other building codes around the world.

Since we handle all of the design, architecture, engineering, project management, fabrication and implementation within our own facilities, we are able to take on the most extraordinary projects, from temporary tented coverings to the largest air supported design structure in the world, stretching across a landfill of more than 6.5 acres.

So if you are looking for a unique and smart alternative for your building and construction needs, please consider a tensile fabric structure from Big Span Structures and contact us today.